Cuboro Cugolino Pop

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Cuboro Cugolino Pop is an awesome supplementary set to Cuboro sets. The trampoline blocks add an exciting new element where the marble bounces on the trampoline block. This set extends thinking about spacing and direction. Where do the trampoline blocks need to be placed to bounce the marble in the direction intended? With correct placement even a triple jump is possible!

Includes 13 Cuboro blocks and six marbles.

Produced in Switzerland using sustainably sourced beech wood.

As children (and people of all ages!) play with Cuboro marble runs they are provided with numerous opportunities to engage their spatial and logical thinking, experimental creativity, ability to analyse cause and effect amongst many other educational opportunities.

Cuboro marble run sets have been awarded numerous awards and seals since their conception in 1976. Developed my Matthias Etter in 1976, in his work with special needs children, he quickly realised the educational value of his unique marble runs and since then Cuboro has developed to include 82 different marble run element blocks. Cuboro is produced exclusively in Switzerland by a highly specialised joinery business.

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